creative consultancy • design • styling

what we do

hello bébé is a design company with a little bit of a twist.

Lead by Mireille, aka lady m, we work within a consultancy capacity utilizing her multidisciplinary skills to assist with elements in creative direction, layout, branding, concept creation, mood boards, forecasting and visuals.

We are here to help alleviate the love-hate relationship you have with your pinterest account. So when it comes to setting up a room, installation or a space we would like to help - not only by creating quirky, beautiful spaces but with a practical, functional base which allows the space to grow and change with simplicity in mind.

We offers design services, from the entry level, for you, the DIYer, who just needs a little bit of a push in the right the whole package, where you hand over the brief and in return we deliver an awesome drool-worthy finished product, like a sprinkle covered ice-cream sundae on a sunny day. 

We are the experts in creating floorplans, with 3D images to help visualise the concept. Moodboards, schedules and itimized shopping-lists are our jam. We are there to help you understand your budget, what products to buy to create that amazing finished look!

Leave the design stuff to us.